Monday, 9 November 2015

Glasgow Subway

What is it?

Opened in 1896 Glasgow's Subway is the third oldest in the world behind London and Budapest.  Glaswegians call the Subway the clockwork orange on account of the vivid orange livery of the carriages.

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All of the network runs underground and is formed of two tunnels forming an outer and inner circle with trains running clockwise in the first and anti-clockwise in the latter around a 10 km route calling at 15 stations in the centre west of Glasgow.  8 of the 15 stations sit north of the River Clyde and the remaining 7 to the south of the river.

Trains are a maximum of 3 cars long giving a maximum length of 36 metres.  A 3 car train can accommodate 112 seated passengers and a further 165 standing passengers.

A flat fare applies to any journey on the Subway and it's a quick and convenient way to get around the city.       

Where is it?

You'll find stations along the route at:

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When was it built?

It was first opened in 1896 having taken five years to construct.

Who's responsible for its design?

The Glasgow Subway Company commissioned the project and this picture shows directors, engineers and city officials at the opening in 1896. 

What's nearby?

Could be an urban myth but I've heard there's a challenge associated with the Subway.

Travelling clock-wise the journey time between Buchanan Street and St. Enoch is approximately 55 seconds. At street level it's a downhill journey, but it is along Buchanan Street one of the busiest shopping streets in Britain if not Europe and there are three road crossings.

Challenge is to get off the train at Buchanan Street and back on the same train when it stops at St. Enoch - I don't know that its ever been achieved and I don't suggest you try.  Too many distractions and too many people for a start. especially near Christmas - Spot the real Santa anyone?

What I do suggest is that you use the Subway to make the most of your visit and journeys around the city.  The Subway will get you to many of the city's parks, cultural attractions, shopping centres, entertainment venues and pubs and restaurants.

Get off at Hillhead and you'll land on Byres Road the heart of the city's west end.  Here you'll find good food, live music, vibrant bars, Glasgow University, Kelvingrove Park and Art Gallery, the Botanic Gardens, and an incredible mix of shops and people.  See the video for yourself.

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